Character & Ethics

Nowadays we meet a large number of people. If we have to judge a person in a very short period of time it can be quite tricky. No one is better in putting on a “mask” then human beings. So how can we be sure that the person in front of us has at least some traits of a good character and good ethics? It is easier to judge if we have in front of us a dog owner: a look at both of them (the person and the dog) will tell us a great deal about the character and the ethical background of that person. If someone is walking the dog listening to his/her music or reading a book: well, that’s a sign of a so called “ego-shooting” mania: he or she is obviously no taking the least care or having empathy for that animal: there is no relation between them. It is quite common that those persons who treat animals ignorantly or badly will most probably do so with persons too. Both, human beings and animals, have a right of a life in dignity and joy.

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