Good Manners

Good manners are more than just “nice to have”. They are the basis of a personality. To act according to good manners means that you are integrated and accept your cultural setting you are living in. These settings differ widely in our world. What means “good manners” in Africa or Asia means not necessary “good manners” in Europe.

In Europe for example it is a clear rule that you answer to questions you are given in a known social context. It is about bad manners not responding to a personal e-mail even if it is only about saying thank you or confirming having got an e-mail. In Europe is is very impolite if you cancel a fixed meeting postponing it without coming back to that postponed meeting. All this things are very different in Asia or Africa. But leaving in Europe one has to adapt to these rules. Why?

Good manners are a valuable sign of a integer and trustful person, in one word: of a good friend.

Once a person from another cultural background told me that she is selecting very carefully her friends. What a statement I thought first but then I saw how sad the fact was: she thought that she could select friends and that friendship is about selections. If you think that way you will be aging quickly and will die very lonely one day.

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