The Artist

What is an artist? Such a kind of question arises if you look at the huge production in visual arts or among writers.

Thousands of books are being produced by thousand of mostly unknown “writers”. Most of them are not artists in a proper sense of the word. The are producers with a more or less creative and knowledgable side inside them to be able doing so. Since using ghost-writers among celebrities is most common even that side diminishes. The huge amount of that kind of production is due to the contemporary fashion which dictates that being an “artist” is great and has even a sexy appeal. But in a country like Switzerland those kind of artists mentioned above are well accepted since they are beside being “artists” lawyers, house wives or CEOs.

But what is that other kind of artist we known from personalities like Chagall, Giacometti, Pessoa, Rilke and many others?

They all were extremely different personalities working in a very different way to achieve their success in the art world. Pessoa (the writer) for example had during his life time a 8 hours job and was writing in the evenings and on weekends. Picasso did nothing else but working as a painter, sculptor, drawer. All these “real” artists do have one common side in their approach towars their art: they invested their whole concentration on that work, all other things were just done but not part of their inner most sincere concentration.

Concentration, focus, expertise and a life long examination of art makes an artist an artist. This kind of artist goes on working not depending on the fact being “seen, read or heard”. In the long term his/her opus will survive.

Let’s look at this real art and not mere at those countless (re)productions of the “so called” artists.

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